You'll love playing!! If you like Puzzles, you'll love Puzzle Drop!! Sunday, August 18, 2019
Welcome to Puzzle Drop®!! Land of Puzzle Play!!
Puzzle Drop® - Mountain Set is now available in the Google Play Store as well as the Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Go to the Google Play Store  for
 Puzzle Drop® - Mountain Set. for the Android.

Go to the Xbox MarketPlace - Indie Games  for
 Puzzle Drop® - Mountain Set. for the XBox 360.

Try it out - you'll like it. Hours and hours of fun.

Puzzle Drop® - Mountain Set - A fun jigsaw puzzle game where you place puzzle pieces as they fall from the top of the screen.

Hours of fun - go back and redo puzzles with different options such as rotation or background type.

Our puzzles start out easy and progressively get more difficult.
How about you? Think you can complete them?

If you love jigsaws - you'll love
This is the Puzzle Drop®  - Mountain Set  game page in action.
This puzzle is nearing completion.

The pieces on the left (called in the tank) are ones missed the first time around.
You can still get them, but for the most points - get them the first time!!
See our Video (XBox Version)!

There are multiple puzzles to choose from in Puzzle Drop® - Mountain Set - you can also determine the degree of difficulty such as to Allow Rotation of the pieces.
Also, try it without any background - that's hard!!
In Puzzle Drop®  as the pieces drop from the top -

   - Your job is to move them right or left to their correct location
         - but before the piece gets to the bottom
         - if you Allow Rotation then you need to rotate the piece also

  -  Missed pieces will show up again, but to get the best score
         - Place the piece the first time around
         - Drop the piece faster

Menu - Xbox Version


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